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Teen Pregnancy Abstract The research topic of this essay is the issue of teen pregnancy, Teen pregnancy affects many adolescent girls around the world be specifically a large amount of girls in the U.S. The research survey has 17 questions regarding sexual health, education and %(24). Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Words | 8 Pages. ganZila Arias 19 May Mod. Research Paper-Rough Draft Adolescent Pregnancy, also known as Teenage Pregnancy, is the period where teenage girls are at a stage where their mind is a bit undeveloped and carry around a . Dec 30,  · Warning!!! All free online research papers, research paper samples and example research papers on Teenage Pregnancy topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used in your high school, college or university iznimitables.ga: Effectivepapers.

Research Paper on Teenage Pregnancy

Over the past few decades, teenage pregnancy has become a public concern which has generated a great deal of attention in the locality. It has been linked to an array of other social issues, such as welfare dependency, child health and well-being, out of wedlock births, fatherhood responsibility, child abuse and neglect, school drop-out and workforce development.

Torivillas, The Philippine Star, There was a strong agreement that teenage pregnancy rate research paper teenage pregnancy still on the increase and and every increased there has an additional consequences of abortions and fetus losses and yet reducing the number of births research paper teenage pregnancy this age group remains an important goal, Scott The frequency of teenage pregnancy among the youth is alarming and has become more or less a fact of life in many nations of the world including Philippines.

This remains both culturally deleterious and personally destructive. Teenage pregnancy has lots of effects on Educational Development of teenagers who are victims of this phenomenon. These are many factors which have been recognized by researchers and authors as being responsible for teenage pregnancy. They seem to be more aware of sex and susceptible to the dangers of illicit sex.

The teenager are more vulnerable to sexual temptations. Health and Home, research paper teenage pregnancy, Philippines, Pregnant at 16, p. According to Eruesgbefe, Community and families must work hand in hand to shield their teenagers against these phenomena. Increases in both health and social problems are products of uncontrollable multiple sex partners among teenagers.

Mainly because the youth cannot control their emotional feelings, they rush into untimely sex, research paper teenage pregnancy, in the belief that the act will be undetected. According to Albano In the Philippines, usually in a family, this category are not taught family life education by their parents and schools because of the sensitivity of the issue, this is contrary to the wide assumption research paper teenage pregnancy family life education is on.

In practice, however, not much of sex education is taught in every Filipino family. Existing government family planning programs have been directed principally to married couples.

Maramag is still a growing community, cases of teenage pregnancy usually become a big issue to the neighbors and to the whole community. The family of the victim is in trauma discovering that their teenager was some months on her way already.

Almost everybody is blaming the pregnant teenager of the consequences of her misdeeds. They focused their judgment to the victim but they did not bother to ask why and what were behind of indulging sex at teens and got pregnant not at the right time. Sex education is being incorporated to the subject matters in school. RH bill could be a big help to let the teenagers know how to act about sex. While teenagers wherever they are must be reached to educate and be well informed how to counter early pregnancy.

Health and Home pp. Click below to some parts of chapter 1 of this thesis:. Learn English Online. Pingback: Retro Jordans. Like Like. Dear Maria, kindly mentions to me what your status by now? Are you a teacher? Are you a government or private employee and or a student and what college you came from so that I can recommend the best for you. If you mean is what good thesis situation or topic are you going research paper teenage pregnancy study, then just look around within your reach, try to observe what are the existing problems in your community or problems that your work related and need to be studied, list them down at least 5 topics and select one that suits you.

In this study, citations were seen before and or after the quoted topic by reflecting the author name, the page and the year when was the manuscript or book has been published.

You can find several citations in chapter 1 or introduction. Teo, you can find research paper teenage pregnancy several citations in literature chapter 3 of the thesis, all of the supporting statements were taken from references and that could be taken from published books, magazines and or internet.

Oh yes, from this thesis you learn how to start studying a specific problem that existing and affects to the stakeholders just like teenagers as in the case of teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy is a problem so it need a study to minimize it or to totally control. So, if you have observed in your community a problem such as used of drugs or any form of problem, then that needs a study or a thesis. Shirodica, as coach I instil to the minds of my clients the purpose of their study by answering 3 questions or more to complete their significance of study in chapter 1. Example of 1st question:. What study or topics you want to research, who are your respondents, where are you going to study and inclusive date of study?

The study must be conducted for the effects of good study habits of Combi-Grade two pupils in Titay, Zamboaga Sibugay, year How the pupils can benefit from this study? Answer and serves as 3rd stanza of the significance of the study:.

The result of this study will be applied to the pupils to make their performance improve at school especially in their economic subjects. This is one way to know how important the good study habit to the pupils especially to those who research paper teenage pregnancy to a combi-class. How would this study beneficial to the teachers, research paper teenage pregnancy, administrators and parents?

Then proceed for additional stanzas. The survey was made about the educational development of pregnant teenagers in response to their chances to pursue their studies research paper teenage pregnancy or to go back to school to those who were currently studying and out of school youth respectively. Like Liked by 1 person. The following are the Related studies of Teenage Pregnancy. Please text on this no. Albano, September, As a whole, the research paper teenage pregnancy is grim for pregnant teenage girls who are in school and their babies.

Forced with few options with no where to turn to, many girls find various ways to get rid of the fetus, research paper teenage pregnancy. In a few cases, research paper teenage pregnancy, some simply disguise their bellies and hide their pregnancy from everyone, and the victim will start to make lost interest at school, absenteeism research paper teenage pregnancy school which resulted to low and failure on test and quizzes and finally prefers to stay home.

As months move on, a teenage pregnant student will start to disguise their bellies and hide their pregnancy to their schoolmates and to everyone, but everything will not just end that way, research paper teenage pregnancy, the pressure must go on and being pregnant this will effect on their school development, others will decide to quit school for the main time and back to school after pregnancy.

Teenage Pregnancy brings about life-changing outcomes and commitments. Their studies and also ambitions will most likely be hampered as they will need to concentrate their attention on parenting their child or supporting their new family. Torres, September National campaign to prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is occurring in an adolescent girl between the ages of 13 to It can also define regions and neighborhoods.

Socioeconomic factors also include the ethnicity, and sense of community. Studies have shown that girls raised in poverty, in single-parent homes, and by parents with lower levels of education are more likely to be pregnant and to be teenage mothers.

Teens often feel pressure to make friends and fit in their peers during adolescence. Many times these teens let their friends influence their decision to have sex even though they do not fully understand the consequences associated with it.

Teenagers have sex as a way to appear cool and sophisticated, but in some cases it ends up in unplanned teen pregnancy. Dear Ailight, research paper teenage pregnancy, What specific ideas research paper teenage pregnancy you want to know? Is it about only introduction or the whole idea of the study with regards to Teenage Pregnancy. Good afternoon po, can you please gave me a thesis situation? Good evening! Can you give me some ideas if how can we control the increasing of early teenage pregnancy?

Hope you can give me an ideas. There are so many ways to control the teenage pregnancy and this will be avoided when the concern will cooperate. Parents — must be smart enough to bring their children.

Family bonding is necessary all the time so that the daughters must be open to tell anything that bothers or something to share that would be failures and success in life, research paper teenage pregnancy.

Parents must be smart enough to understand their daughters on teenage. Parents must be aware what environment did their daughters are roaming by diverting their interest if ever they tend to have an environment not suited to them. Church or non-government organizations can do some alternatives such as diverting the interest of the female teenagers on sports, civil service and some other activities that can make them occupied rather than engaging in early sex.

Open to contraceptives — Teenagers must be knowledgeable about contraceptives. Single Parent of 3 adorable boys. Got first pregnant at the age of My other 2 pregnancy was also a product of so called mistake. Luckily for me, I have a supportive and loving parents that I was able to go through with everything. So now, since I got the chance to go back to schooling, I am determined to start my advocacy about teenage pregnancy.

Through my own little way, I keep on telling my classmates since they are all younger than me how hard it is to be a teenage mom. And how its nice to able to graduate first and enjoy being single. I have a subject public speaking, my initial topic was the most influential person in your life however while starting to right my speech., research paper teenage pregnancy.

I research paper teenage pregnancy Aha! I am actually inspire with the information that is provided by the research to write my speech and be able to share my advocacy in a larger scale. Joy, research paper teenage pregnancy, I have a neighbor who have been research paper teenage pregnancy pregnant 5 times with different father. Every time she got pregnant she went home from Manila to her mother who also live poorly alone.

Five children were been raised by her and with the care of her old mother, a very touching and unbearable existence, research paper teenage pregnancy. Children were been raised hand and mouth. Every time when my neighbor got pregnant I got the chance to talk at her, to make jokes at her again and again because she got pregnant 5 times!!!

Darling, you need to be active in church. There, research paper teenage pregnancy, you can find the real love that you are looking for.


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research paper teenage pregnancy


Mar 14,  · Dear Scene, The background of this thesis “Teenage Pregnancy” can be found at the 3rd and 4th stanza of the said introduction. It tells that the study that you choose about “Teenage Pregnancy” has some existing previous study. Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Words | 8 Pages. ganZila Arias 19 May Mod. Research Paper-Rough Draft Adolescent Pregnancy, also known as Teenage Pregnancy, is the period where teenage girls are at a stage where their mind is a bit undeveloped and carry around a . Teenage pregnancy paper writing. Even with all the elements in place, it might prove hard to write out an effective research paper on teenage pregnancy if you are not sure of how to communicate your thesis idea with your audience. For any further assistance with your teenage pregnancy paper, let us know.